My vice: I am purposely late on returning library books

In everything in my life I am spot on prompt and if I'm ever late to meet a friend I profusely apologize and I'm terribly upset with myself. I consider it incredibly rude to be late on anything…except returning library books. I've paid the LA country library probably $500 in late charges in my whole life. Ridiculous how 5 cents a day adds up. What's really annoying is the books weren't even that good. Typically they're books like knitting or books on meditation that for a moment I thought I could connect with…and they sit on my desk waiting to be read…then 8 weeks goes by….then an episode of Gossip Girl just consumes me.. and gee, I guess I can't ignore the reminder emails. See the cycle. Thank god I've moved on to digital books on my Stanza reader.

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