Have you ever modeled before?

When I was living in the UK I went to an exhibition of Damien Hirst’s in London. He’s the dude who sliced up animals and put them on display in formaldehyde. Shocking in the late 1990s but now…so ho hum. Anywho…I was a young student studying in the UK and here I am in London when this man and woman come up to me as I’m staring at installations. He’s a photographer in his 50s. She’s a model/writer in her 20s. And they wanted me to be part of some photo idea he had in his mind. It involved paint. And not much else. We talked over tea and scones (they have damn good scones in the UK by the way) and I listened to their ideas some more. I’m cynical by nature but I don’t look it. My face looks like I really could be convinced to do anything. Its a curse and a gift. So there really was no way I would be involved in their “project” but it was “lovely” to be asked.

The way this couple was describing what they wanted to do is best described in this video.

MGMT – Time to Pretend

Now I love this song. I think its surreal and psychadelic in the way I’m loving. And if the dude looked anyway close to Morrissey I probably would have considered his proposal. But thankfully he had more of a Father Ted sort of look.

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