Public Games to Play with your BF/GF

The Slutty Outfit Game

I’ve never understood the slutty look but then again its been a looooong time since I’ve been cruising for new boys. I remember being in Vegas with Helen and I bought an outfit that pretty much consisted of a super tight and short black dress with thigh high boots. In Vegas this made sense. I thought I looked nice. Trampy but classically nice. When I brought it back to SF I looked like a prostitute. This is how I feel about all Bebe clothes. But their window dressing makes for fun games with Creed. We always stop and I ask him the question “If you were forced to dress me and the only thing that you could choose is what you see here, which would you pick?” Some guys would think this a trap. As if I’m really asking him “would you prefer I dress like a whore?” But honestly its a purely fashion question. Its not question that has deeper mean about the relationship. I’m just interested if Creed is into pleats more then me.

Its also fun to play this game when you’re standing in front of stores like Express for Men or Guess. Horrible outfits involving stripes and jeans so tight it leaves nothing to the imagination.

Oh and he chose the yellow outfit.

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