TV Pain

I’m toying with the idea of turning off cable. Especially since for the past two months I’ve just been watching tv on my Macbook. My husband has a PC and I tried watching Netflix on his computer. It wouldn’t work. Instead it told me I didn’t have the Arial font in the Fonts folder.

Excuse me?

First. Why is a missing font the answer to a software problem? Why did this pass QA? And more important… two… I have that font. Every goddamn person in the world has that font in their Library/Fonts folder.

I searched for an answer from adding netflix to my trusted sites to reinstalling Silverlight to shaking his PC laptop and rebooting it. Its not working. This is lame.

What did work tonight…and I’m SHOCKED it is working….is DTV through a regular antenna. I bought a DTV converter and a regular antenna. Plugged it in and in our thick cinder block home we get over 30 channels. Amazing. How is this possible?

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