The Commitments

I didn’t have a tv in my bedroom growing up. It made me love and ache for tv more than ever which is probably why I now have 3+ tvs, an iTouch, an iPhone and a computer that has netflix, amazon video on demand, hulu, fancast and joost bookmarked. But we did have a video camera and when I realized that I could play VHS tapes on it and watch full movies this was a movie I would watch over and over again in bed.

Note: the camera did not have a LCD screen. I literally watched this movie 20+ times through an eyeviewer with earphones. That is how much I loved this movie.

Irish people singing soul. How could I not love every second of this film?

Oh yes. Yes, that’s Glen Hansard from The Frames. Oh yeah, the one in that movie Once. Its all full circle baby. It all makes sense.

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