Having a Serious Yaz(oo) Moment

Thanks Old Navy for playing this song in the store. I have to buy Upstairs at Eric’s….yet again.

You have no idea how many times I listened to this song when my first boyfriend broke up with me. Not pretty. There was ice cream. A tattered photo and tears. Loads of tears. My husband probably would find this rather disturbing that I ponder these things when I’m in an Old Navy store while looking at capri pants but its just a reminder that you Elaine can (a) get beyond sadness and (b) are prone to really embarrassing depths of drama.

Here’s another Yaz song that didn’t help my mood back when I was 16:

Do you understand the drama now?

Ok, so there are happy Yaz songs. Kind of.

Whatever…I’m listening to Only You yet again.

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