Helen never reads my blog

And honestly I should be offended. But now I know i can just post embarrassing shit about her and she won’t care because…well frankly she don’t know.


Well. Actually she doesn’t have ego crushing stories like mine…she actually was and always is quite cool. I mean look at that oh so grungy coat. That’s like the shit. Damn, and those glasses. Wow. H.O.T. Look at those white socks. Sometimes she’d wear a vintage skirt with those socks and shoes. How could you not love that? And the khakis. The girl literally owns probably 100 pairs of khakis to this day. I am not joking.

I saw her a few days ago in NYC and this is the typical Helen look.


Its the Korean in her that keeps her serious. And its the Filipino in me who just wants to be like “love me?!!! look at me?!!!!” Its a good bond we have.

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