You’re Beautiful


Yes that is the poster for one of the more popular Korean comedies available. And yes the other name for this show is: You’re Handsome, It’s Handsome Boy.

It feels like Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night with the cross dressing but that’s not the part that perplexes me. I just don’t get why girls think these teen idols are hot. The hair flip that’s all pushed forward. The frosting of the hair. The super thin bodies. They’re kind of like a mix of Gene Loves Jezebel, In Sync and a thin version of The Cure with super sweet bubblegum pop songs.

Like most Korean shows….it’s really slow but so far fascinating. That link will take you to the more interesting parts. If you really want to start from the painful and sweet beginning go here.

OMG. The boy Mi Nam got a botched eye slit surgery. That’s the reason his sister has to sing and dance in his place. Jesus Christ.

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