Taking it literally

At home sick today and listening to The Smiths Pandora channel because when you’re all flu-ey of course you want to hear Morrissey complain about the loneliness of being in Brixton while staring at a bowl of gladiolas.

New Order gets played alot on this channel and Bizarre Love Triangle always reminds of Florentine Gardens nightclub in LA. My best friend Helen and my longtime highschool/club go-er Heidi would always come with me and this song would always play at some point in the night.

And you can pretty much guarantee that when this lyric was said:

Every time I see you falling
I get down on my knees and pray

Some dude would literally fall on his knees, strike a pray pose, gyrate, then pop up.

Yeah. So hot.

Awww. Florentine Garden’s Yelp reviews aren’t so hot. It was the only nightclub that had a salad/food bar. I don’t know why they had it but it was very nice of them.

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