Is that a wallet?

Years ago a friend and I got mugged. That really sucked.

Normally I carry a big fat mother of a wallet with every damn rewards card in existence but because of that “awesome” experience of a gun being pointed to my head, I dont take it with me everywhere.

Every morning when I go out I ask myself “is there a chance I will get mugged today” and if I even think “hey possibly?” I leave my fat wallet behind and pick up my Tyvek wallet.

And every time I use my Tyvek wallet someone asks me about it. Typically it’s a woman. And it’s usually when I’m standing in front of them buying a Fraiche or a burrito.

The two things I seem to be eating alot these days.

I’ve had this wallet for over 5 years and I forget that it is kind of unique. You would too. Look at it. It looks like a newspaper. No big deal.

But LOOK. It’s a full fledged wallet! With panels and everything.

*Yes I am a Plus Member of AAA. Of course I am. I’m from LA.

I don’t think guys can use this because they like to have huge leather wads in their pockets.

I was browsing around to see new Tyvek wallets that are out and this one stood out.

Look at it. It’s a NYC subway map AND a wallet . How perfect is that?

And it’s only $15. So if someone puts a gun to your head, you hand this wallet over, and all is well. You can buy another. You’re worth it.

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