Not interested till you sort out your date issue

Part of my job involves visiting Ars Technica more than your regular reader. Overall, I do think their content is good. Is it worth charging $50 a year so I can read a full article on a single page or a nicely designed pdf for offline viewing?
Oooo exclusive subscriber content that the whole world won’t be able to read? Fantastic 🙂
That will really help the growth of your readership Ars Technica. It really will. (This is sarcasm BTW).

I might forgive this obvious call for cash completely if you fix the one detail on your website that hurts me as much as when I see people wear Crocs with socks and shorts out in public.

It’s how you do your dates. Who told you that doing your dates this way was a good idea?

Perhaps some hipster design guru told you that the look of dates just didn’t flow well with the look of the page?
Maybe this person said “hey instead of numbers why don’t you write out the words like september twelfth two thousand and twelve?” You know it’s wrong but this design person had a really awesome jaunty fair trade scarf and you thought to yourself “I should trust this person. This person knows things I don’t.”

It’s like being told you look amazing in a nautical,vertical stripes, vintage, mini dress. You know it doesn’t make sense on you because you’re a 38 year old grown woman, but the salesperson is cute, he’s wearing skinny jeans,  and he’s telling you you look cute, so it must be a good idea. Right?

No. Ars Technica. No. You are asking me to count backwards 7 months ago from today’s date to figure out the exact date of this article. That is a waste of EVERYONES time. I sorta forgave you because if I moused over the date a ? symbol came up and when I clicked on it, it gave me the real date. Now you’ve disengaged that featured. WTF. If I pay $50 a year will you give me back that feature?

Bad Ars Technica. Bad.

Ok so if today is February 15, and I have to go back 7 months….1, 2,3,4…oh forget it. Is there another article similar to this on Wired?

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