Oh my god. I get it now. Let’s all cry together.

With all the Grammy news I just started listening to Adele. I know. Now?

Yeah … Now.

I don’t listen to the radio since my favorite electronic dance station died so I only know what’s popular from D’s dance class and from my Rdio friends.

Things take time for me. I didn’t get into Radiohead until “In Rainbows” and that’s primarily because of Twilight.
Yeah. I got into Radiohead because of Twilight. Not because of Radiohead’s cool factor. But because of vampires.

So this week everyone’s been talking about how Adele’s one particular song makes you cry. And I get it.

Dear god if I was 16 she would have been my Tori Amos. I don’t even know how many times I cried to this song.

And good god Damien Rice. This would make me sit in a corner rocking back and forth crying “One day he’ll love me. One day. BWWAAAAAAAAA”

So yeah. Tori. Damien Rice. And now Adele.
Their songs instantly wreck me. It’s like somebody decided to turn on this particular scene from Bridges of Madison County.

BOOM. Tears.

So I’m jumping on the Adele bandwagon to my husband’s dismay because now I’m going to be listening to completely tragic songs all the time with him wondering what did I do? And really nothing’s wrong. I just really like sad songs and sad movies. I can still be quite pleasant about it. Look at this interview with Adele. Her songs are friggin bleak but she seems like she’d be awesome over lunch.

5 Comments Oh my god. I get it now. Let’s all cry together.

  1. Richie

    Oh, honey. It’s taken you this long, really?? Didn’t you post that video of the Korean girl singing Adele??

    “Someone Like You” is great, but my favorite is “Set Fire to the Rain”. It’s one of those great breakup songs. “Rolling in the Deep” would be a close second.

  2. Elaine

    I know. I know. For some reason I didn’t pay attention till now. Maybe if Adele was in Downton Abbey I would have paid attention.

  3. Marissa

    I’m with you because all your examples are total downers. But you think you’re a basket case? I am the worst. I tear up in choir rehearsal when we sing something pretty. When we did “Bridge Over Troubled Water” last year, I couldn’t get all the way through it without swallowing a lump. And flamenco really effs me up. There’s a lot of raw, primal, painful wailing that literally screams outright suffering. God, it’s beautiful. But then even the very happy ones make me bawl too so I guess I’m just crazy. I just can’t handle all the emotion. Isn’t crying awesome?

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