Crap Jobs = The Chance to Meet the Love of Your Life

I’m very biased here because I did find my one great love while shelving tons of scifi and self help books at Bookstar.

I think at first you’re bound together by the hatred of a crap job. Then you realize “Oh we feel the same way about this sh*tty experience. What other things do we feel the same about?” Then you accidentally graze each other’s hands, you feel like vomiting because you like each other so much but can’t say anything, then you figure out how to randomly have lunch at the same time, then maybe…just maybe you’ll go out. And get married. And buy a big friggin couch where all you do is lie next to each other while watching Big Bang Theory.

So when I hear stories like this I know I’m not alone.

This guy met his wife while working at McDonald’s.

(The video takes a while to load. So if you can’t wait try this.)

Though fictional, the BBC’s The Office really hits me in my dark, black heart when thinking about finding love in the workplace.

Love you C. Could you please turn on the blanket to 9?

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