Thank you misshousegirl :)

I don’t know who this girl is but I’m in love with her Youtube channel.

Fan concert videos are typically horrible. Shaky, very pixelated, and worse…the person holding the camera is singing along with the band. Of course if you’re a true fan you’re going to sing along….but for videos posted on Youtube. Ssssssh. We didn’t come here for you. We came here to hear and see the band.

Misshousegirl does not disappoint. High-def. Smooth zoom. Shaky only slightly…which is shocking considering she is in the pit with all the rest of the general admission crowd. Her videos are clean. I seriously wondered if she worked for the venues but looking at the number of videos she has on her channel that can’t be the case. She’s a fan. And thank GOD she’s a fan of everything I love.

If you’re a Dead Can Dance fan (which I am) you’ve played this many time in the car.

Here she has OMD from the left side.

And then in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT city from the right side.

I saw Depeche Mode in 1988. I would have loved to have seen the show the way misshouse girl saw it.

And this. Oh my god I’m so overjoyed she captured this. Favorite Tears for Fears song by far.

So thanks misshousegirl. This old lady is too cracky to get in the pit but she’s very very very grateful that you are staking your spot and shooting fantastic concert videos.

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