Start your day with bass bass bass

Remember the movie Groove? It’s basically about one night at an underground SF rave. I loved it. It had dancing, Digweed, and it just seemed to capture alot of the joys and ridiculousness of raves.

I didn’t go to raves. Sadly I wasn’t hooked up into that culture. However, I danced in clubs ALOT in my twenties. Every Friday and Saturday night would be spent at some huge stadium club in Los Angeles. Dancing then Denny’s. That was the typical thing to do. But then you get old. And staying up to go to a club that doesn’t really start popping till 1am just becomes really hard. You young folk…enjoy it while you can. Because things change. Then when you’re 40 all you really want to do is lie in bed with your iPad watching New Order’s latest concert through a videostream. Thanks Jon for being my surrogate concert-watcher.

I’m not complaining. I like not going out at night. Change is good. But I do miss dancing in clubs. So when I heard that there was a morning rave in SF called Morning Gloryville I was intrigued. Starts at 6:30am you say? There’s no alcohol? I can dress up in my workout clothes and not slutty club club gear? Morning Gloryville started in London and now they’re starting to spread all over the world. And I think that’s a good thing.

Morning Gloryville from Noemie Bottiau on Vimeo. This morning I went to SF’s Morning Gloryville at Heron Arts with a couple of friends. These are dance friends who take the same hip hop dance classes with me so we’re used to sweating all over each other while repetitive music plays over and over again. 14648571726_7034e95910_z  14671626895_cd4378db71_z

Note the entrance to Morning Gloryville. Notice no bouncer giving you a once over on your outfit. Line wasn’t long at all at 7:30am. Show your ticket ($15-$25 depending on when you bought it online), drop off your backpack at the the $3 coat check, and go boogie. 14484907439_c39c344093_z

The music was a good mix of old and new. Bass was good. Bass is always good.

So yes I think if you’ve never tried a morning rave you should do it. You meet some lovely, beautiful, and talented people. Get your wiggles out, then go on with your day happy that you grinded it out with some awesome people. I heard there’s another morning rave that’s just as awesome called Daybreaker. So it’s nice that SF has at least two morning rave options. Important thing I learned from Louise today: When hugging someone, go right. Cause that way you hit heart to heart. And that just feels super nice. 14691459693_5b5fd493ce_z

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