Hey LA

So for the past 8 months I’ve been ramping up the amount of dance classes alot. Why am I hurting my knees on purpose each time? A few years ago I went to LA and took a class…and failed miserably. I’m back in LA this whole week to correct that situation. So far I’ve taken two (one in Hollywood and one in Torrance), both hard, and both I didn’t fail. I didn’t nail it but I didn’t end up in the back stunned at what was happening.

And with that, I feel I’ve accomplished something.

LA is where I grew up. LA is my home. I feel odd every time I come back here because I both hate it and miss it.

Hate the traffic, the road rage, the heat, the smog.

Love the beaches, the burritos, the lovely positive people you meet randomly in markets, and EVERYONE is so damn beautiful. I forgot how I could fall in love so easily with a person’s look so easily.

So friends in LA, yo. What’s up. How you doin?

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