Tesla Girls

Saw a clip of “Weird Science” last night. It was the scene where the two geeks are at the mall thinking about the woman they just created and Robert Downey Jr and his cool buddy dumps a Slurpee over their head. This was the song that was playing in the background.

This song was monumentally important to me in 8th grade. It was my first endeavor in trying out for drill team and the choreography for the audition routine was set to OMD’s Tesla Girls. Imagine a lot of pouty faces, spirit fingers jerked around ever so fervently…yeah I was the bomb. So I can honestly say I have listened to this song over 300+ times because I practiced every hour I wasn’t in class for the chance to be part of Wilmington Junior High’s drill team.

I was devastated when I wasn’t chosen. Probably a good thing because their outfit was a super tight green and yellow sequined leotard with orange spandex tights. Hot.

And oh this is priceless. Karate Kid movie trailer.

Wax on wax off.

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