Bon Jovi

My friend Jackie was kind enough to get us into Inside the Actor’s Studio with Bon Jovi. 2.5 hours into the interview and we were only halfway through the blue cards. RIDICULOUS. Good interview, Jon’s got great hair, Richie doesn’t seem like a tool at all, James Lipton looked weird. They played basically every big… Continue reading

Pete = Connor

Whenever I see Helen I have several a-ha moments. They’re never brilliant things like I figure out some major existentialist theory but its important details of life that I should have known but never are clear to me until she points them out. This moment happened this evening at Otto Enoteca. Helen: You know Pete… Continue reading

The Hills

I keep watching it hoping that at some point a person of color is going to appear. At some point, one of these “characters” is going to have an affair with some sassy Latina girl who’s going to bitch slap someone else. It has to happen right?