So I was at Safeway the other night. Minding my own business, perusing the choices of meats obviously at 8pm, when this song starts playing on the loudspeakers. I have a very visceral reaction to this song. It basically fueled a very key dramatic moment in my teenage life. I was in ninth grade, a… Continue reading

Single Ladies

I want to like this but I feel every friggin Mission hipster douchebag would be into it too. Which gives me pause. Am I Mission hipster douchebag? My jeans aren’t tight enough so I don’t think so….but I can’t help but wonder.

Thanks Ashton

Yes that’s right. I follow Ashton Kutcher’s twitter stream. What? Don’t judge. He goes to cool parties and posts videos. He posts links like this: The owners thought kids were sneaking in and using their pool. Come on. That’s precious.