Pure Uncut Joy


A few weekends ago I took a spectacular trinity of classes at City Dance.
Amber, Rocko, and Emerson.
4.5 hours of dance in one weekend. I was on an endorphin high that whole weekend…then Monday hit and my body was like …NOPE. You shouldn’t have done that.


Iced my knees. Didn’t dance at all. Just sat and watched True Detective. (I still can’t believe I’m watching a series that stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. But it’s gloriously dark and I love it.)

Was a weekend of dance worth it?
Emotionally? Yes. Oh good lord YES.
Financially? Let’s break down the numbers.
Three classes at $14/piece. $42 for three classes. 4.5 hours of JoJo and Beyoncé.
That’s around $10 per hour of pure joy. Yes. This was a fiscally sound decision.

I highly recommend that you spend the weekend at City Dance with these three gentlemen.

Friday: Amber 7pm Beginning Hip Hop
Saturday: Rocko 11:45am Beginning Hip Hop
Sunday: Emerson 5:30pm Beginning Hip Hop

And if you want more, OH HONEY they can give you more. All three are starting their performance workshops very soon.

Amber Divina – Commercial Hip Hop – Starts January 31
Emerson Aquino – Funkanometry Performance Workshop – Starts January 31
Rocko Luciano – Advanced Hip Hop – Starts January 28

It’s a 10 week program where students learn a piece to be performed at City Dance Onstage at the Palace of Fine Arts on April 5, 2014. Contact City Dance for more info (415) 297-1172 or a better way is take a class with these guys and just ask them in real life.

I haven’t done workshops with these teachers but I have with D and with Micaya. Both A+ experiences.

Why would anyone do a performance workshop?
Same reason people do Color Runs or those Tough Mudder events. Cause it’s fun. Cause it’s a weird way to get exercise. Cause you can get super drunk afterwards. Cause you can get that super burrito with carne asada wet.

I did a performance workshop because the Wilmington Junior High Drill Team eliminated me in their first round of auditions and I NEVER GOT OVER IT.

Actually as I review my schedule, I’m realizing it was 6 hours of dance over that weekend cause I also took a class with D Montalvo.

And I watched Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance at YBCA.

I OD’d on dance. And paid for it dearly with my knees. But it was So. Damn. Good.

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